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We have a vision to eliminate hunger in India by 2020 by establishing a strong and efficient network of FoodBanks across the country, wherein every district has access to at least one FoodBank.

There are 190.7 million people who are undernourished in India. Despite sufficient food production and tremendous economic growth, we are yet to eliminate hunger and mal nutrition in India. 

The Food Security Foundation India is a Section 8 Not-For-Profit Company. Under its flagship national programme, India Food Banking Network (IFBN), it is leading India’s fight against hunger through a network of concerned stakeholders lead by Food Banks to systematically capture food from donors and channelize it to various feeding programs. This network is a multi-stakeholder partnership of global and domestic aid agencies, corporations, government, leading development agencies, civil society and individuals.

Everyone has a role to play.

An organization can help us establish FoodBanks, fund our cause, conduct food collection drives and individuals can volunteer with our campaigns or at FoodBanks to address the problem of hunger.

Initiate a CSR programme with FoodBanks

Business and industry in India are today playing an increasingly vital role in socially driven initiatives. One of the critical areas where Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and partnerships can make an important contribution is in addressing hunger and malnutrition which are widespread, acute and even alarming, especially among children and women. 
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IFBN relies entirely on voluntary contributions to finance its humanitarian and development projects. It also provides an opportunity to be involved through advocacy initiatives. Support us in raising funds and strengthen our network to fight against hunger in India.

Volunteer with Us

Individuals can make a huge difference in the lives of the hungry. At IFBN, we value the spirit of volunteerism and encourage people to give their time and skills in the service of people who do not get sufficient food to sustain a healthy and productive life.
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Message from our Board Members

Here is what our Board members think:

Mr. Sam Pitroda, Chairman of IFBN Board
IFBN is not the only solution; the idea is to have many people participating and joining hands in different ways.


Mr. Siraj Chaudhary, President, Cargill India
In the wake of the Companies Act which has made CSR implementation a compulsory activity, there is an opportunity to address issues of hunger and malnutrition. Through the Food Banking initiative, tangible and measurable goals can be provided to various corporations for their CSR activities.

Mr. Ishteyaque Amjad, Director-Corporate Affairs, Cargill India
Huge opportunity exists for strengthening the Food Banking initiatives across India through tapping in the network of diverse and like-minded stakeholders to build partnerships.

Ms. Vandana Singh, CEO, FSFI-IFBN
There is a need for a multi pronged approach in collaboration with diverse stakeholders. We also need to strengthen government partnerships to augment our programs and implement local solutions with a national strength.