Corporate Opportunities

IFBN is destined to become the nation's leading domestic community driven solution for malnutrition and hunger-relief. We aim to rank as one of the most sensitive, responsive, organised and trusted organisation committed to eradicate malnutrition and hunger from India.

When your corporation partners with us, we assure to channelize your resources towards the most needy people of India - thus, transforming your gestures into impact.

Become a Financial partner - We would like to thank our financial partners who put us into motion. It is only because of our partners generous support, we could begin feeding India's hungry and engage our country in the fight to end malnutrition and hunger.

You can join our roster of dedicated companies who help us end hunger in India.

Become a Product partner - IFBN supporters enable us to acquire and distribute food in many forms i.e., grains, pulses, edible oil etc needed to help those that need this the most - corporate partners and government agencies are proud supporters of our work.

We intend to provide tax benefits for our corporate partners.