Chairman's Message

"We commit to have each district of India accessible to one Food Bank by 2020"

India is committed to inclusive growth and we cannot take pride in inclusive growth if we cannot eliminate hunger. We have enough surplus food, enough capacity to grow more food; at the same time many of our people in the country go hungry due to inadequate logistics, information, knowledge, and delivery systems. In eliminating hunger, Information Communication Technology Infrastructure (ICT) can play a significant role. It is time to really use technology in a very different way to handle problems related to hunger. Expertise from many countries related to logistics, information technology, management, organizations, and structures can contribute a lot towards eradication of hunger from India.

We can collectively go out to the nation and say that we will indeed eliminate hunger in India together by 2020 highlighting that the tools that we have today provides the opportunity of even more hope than ever before. The growth we look for should result in inclusive growth and growth for the people at the bottom of the pyramid and must eliminate hunger for millions of the people in our country. I invite all to work together for the India Food Banking Network with a hope to begin this journey together and help eradicate hunger in India by 2020.

The Government of India should also look at this idea as the need of the hour and one that is important and timely. There is a need to have a food bank in each district. IFBN is not being highlighted as the only solution, but the idea is to have many people participating and joining hands in different ways”.

-Sam Pitroda
Chairman, Advisory Board IFBN