Surplus Food Distribution

Food businesses have surplus packaged food products and grains on their shelves and in their warehouses either due to excess production, introduction of new products, labeling errors, or due to shorter remaining shelf life. IFBN aggregates such good quality surplus food and distributes it efficiently and timely to the people in need.

Punchy protein puffs distributed in Mumbai

Punchy protein Masala Madness puffs made from corn, amaranth, jowar, rice and seasonings were shared by The Mumum Company. IFBN distributed 5113 bags of 20gms / 60 gms in Mumbai.

IFBN shares Britannia Croissants

Sharing is caring - Our partner Britannia Industries Ltd. has been consistently sharing its surplus to feed those in need.

Mumumco shares healthy and tasty snacks

IFBN has partnered with Faraway Food Pvt Ltd. based in Mumbai for donation of 100% natural and nourishing wholesome snacks. Mumumco has shared 1940 packets of Mighty Melties which are natural freeze dried fruit including strawberries and banana and 2400 packets of Cool Crunchies made from Corn, jawar and ragi. The children love these healthy and tasty snacks.

Distribution of BournVita

IFBN joined hands with Mondelez to distribute 21504 packs of BournVita Lil Champs across 8 cities

Collaborative Action against Hunger

IFBN partnered with Mondelez India to distribute 4 million glasses of TANG and spread joy in a collaborative Action against Hunger . The tasty drink in 4 flavours was prepared in safe drinking water and distributed over spring and summer 2018 to children and families in 9 food banking locations throughout the country - Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Gurugram, Noida, Delhi, Kolkata and Jaipur. IFBN has built capacity to provide an end to end service of picking up surplus inventory from the food businesses and distributing it efficiently and safely to those in need.

Food Collection Drive at Royal Bank of Scotland 2018

We are running a food collection drive at corporate offices of Royal Bank of Scotland in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai. Do Good, Feel Good! Come and participate at Food Bank Donation points in your office and Get the Do Good Factor.

Healthy meets Tasty - The Chase Muesli

In partnership with a startup in Mumbai IFBN shared packs of The Chase Muesli with children in Mumbai

IFSA - India Food Sharing Alliance Gathering

A Meeting with Food Recovery organisations was held chaired by FSSAI CEO Shri. Pawan Kumar Agarwal IAS in FSSAI, New Delhi. Discussion on creating Indian Food Sharing Alliance Network in association with all Food Recovery organisations of India was envisioned and suggestions were received from all participants. List of Participating Members:

India Food Banking Network
No Food waste
Feeding India
Robin Hood Army
Roti Bank
Mera Parivar

IFSA Network was subsequently launched on World Food Day, 16th October 2017.

IFBN - Nestle MILO Ready to Drink Distribution

Nestle India partnered with IFBN and delivered nourishing MILO RTD in 180 ml tetrapaks to India Food Banking Network. IFBN distributed 41627 packs of MILO RTD. It was a healthy, tasty and nourishing treat for over 20000 children in eight cities. We join the children in saying a big THANK YOU !! to Nestle India.

Collection and distribution of Britannia Biscotti fruitcakes

Food Distribution Drive, Fighting Hunger

India Food Banking Network offers a food management solution for excess food inventory and helps food businesses to innovatively save this surplus food products to feed those in need. IFBN recovers their surplus inventory from shelves and warehouses of food businesses and delivers it safely to Not for Profits to feed those in need especially children in schools.
We served 41,472 packs of Britannia Biscotti Fruit-n-Nut and Choconut cakes at schools for underprivileged across 8 locations in India. Thousands of children in Delhi, Noida, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai received nutritious and tasty Biscotti Fruit-n-Nut cakes.