22 tons of Glucose biscuit distributed to several lakh students in Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore

We organized a massive food distribution drive with Britannia Industries and our foodbanking partners at Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata to distribute 22 tons of Glucose biscuit to children at schools for underprivileged. On behalf of these kids we would like to express our gratitude to an amazing team at Britannia, the State govt. of Kolkata for distributing it at Municipal run schools and our foodbanking partners at Bangalore and Mumbai.
At Mumbai, the partner organizations received 5 tons of Glucose biscuits and were distributed to around 1 Lakh students in several schools and anganvadi centres.
Kolkata received 4 tons of biscuits and were distributed with the help of State govt. to over 67000 students in Municipal schools and 1526 ICDS centres.
Bangalore FoodBank was largest recipient of the stock. It distributed 13 tons of Britannia Glucose Biscuit to 50 local NGOs in Bangalore for further distribution to the beneficiary organizations such as schools, orphanages, hospitals, etc.

We distributed 22 tons of Glucose biscuits to several lakh students at schools for underprivileged in Mumbai, Kolkata...

Posted by India FoodBanking Network on Sunday, March 20, 2016