IFBN - Kellogg's India, School Breakfast Program

IFBN partnered with Kellogg's India to provide healthy breakfast cereals and milk in single packs to 9,308 children daily in 4 cities - Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore. This amounts to about 4.5 lakhs healthy breakfasts served to children. A daily in-school nutritious breakfast provided to the students provided vital nourishment, helped keep children in school and improved concentration and learning outcomes.

The Kellogg’s program objective was to serve healthy breakfasts to children in schools for underprivileged and to spread awareness among children about the importance of a healthy breakfast. IFBN showcased the strength of its network and provided easy deployment of corporate resources and ensured that last mile delivery is done efficiently.

What our beneficiary organisation says:

“The initiative has made such a remarkable difference in the lives of our children by not only regulating their presence in the school, but also making mornings in school healthy and exciting.
Moreover, the overall health of the children has improved, which is reflected in their attendance and increased level of activeness and concentration.”
- Samarpan School