KFC and IFBN add HOPE with a million nutritious meals

IFBN with the support of KFC, YUM India is providing a million supplementary nutritious meals to 4271 children in Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Boiled eggs / bananas / warm cooked meals are being served daily to the children. IFBN helps corporates to prioritize food security and nutrition and to use the resources earmarked for CSR initiatives to fund nutritious meals to children in schools. IFBN is able to leverage its extensive network of partners and beneficiary organizations to reach out to children and other beneficiaries at various locations in the country in alignment with the CSR projects needs. The one million meals in partnership with KFC will definitely 'Add HOPE' in the lives of the children. We are not just feeding the hungry, we are empowering them to achieve their dreams. Especially #SchoolMeals keep children in school, improve learning outcomes and transform lives.