Jaipur FoodBank Partner

IFBN and Annakshetra are working together to generate community awareness through effective channelization of excess food collected from donors and delivered to the needy. Thus ensuring wastage of food is minimized. It is the link between wastage of food, poor and hunger. The vision is to position India as a zero food wastage economy by mobilizing social change and redeploying food resources in an efficient manner.
Our activities focus on most important development goals-

  1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger;
  2. Ensure environmental sustainability.

Pioneering efforts like Annakshetra demonstrate enormous opportunities to reduce food waste — and enhance food security, food safety, environmental sustainability and economic competitiveness worldwide.

Established on: 
Thursday, 24 October 2013

IFBN Food Drive with Britannia and Annakshetra

About 212 cartons of different commodities from Britannia India were distributed to people from various beneficiary sites of Annakshetra. Among these beneficiaries, 1157 were children, 1046 women and 872 men including laborers of Muhana Mandi, waste workers and rag-pickers from Mansarovar and Pratap Nagar slums benefited from the food distribution drive.

Britannia products were also distributed during Annakshetra feeding programs.