CSR Opportunities

Corporates can support and strengthen the FoodBanking endeavour by developing new food banks or supporting existing ones to feed the poor by integrating food banking into the organization’s CSR initiatives. We take utmost care in efficiently allocating the resources, and ensure that they are channelized towards the most needy people of India; thus, transforming your corporate involvement into impact.
Here’s how you can support the cause:

Become a Strategic Partner

Join IFBN’s Advisory Board and extend your corporate leadership to expand the network of Food banks to Stop Hunger in India which affects 194.4 million people.

Become a Financial partner

India FoodBanking Network depends on the financial support of organizations to deliver practical and proven solutions that get food to hungry children and families and favourably impact their health, education and productivity. Your financial contribution today will help build and strengthen the food banking systems nationwide and feed millions of people by rescuing and channelizing surplus and donated food.

By supporting our cause financially, you can derive the following benefits:

  • Tax benefit under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act
  • Compliance with CSR provisions of Companies Act 2013 as eradicating Hunger, Poverty and Malnutrition is the first recommended activity under Schedule VII
  • Build the brand of the company as socially responsible
  • Inculcate and support a culture of giving and feeding in your organization

You can donate by issuing a cheque in favour of 'Food Security Foundation India' payable at par. Please connect with us here

Start a FoodBank

Partner with IFBN and run a FoodBank under your corporate leadership. FoodBanks are a great initiative for your company to extend its CSR programmes and engage employees in CSR activities to touch millions of lives by putting an end to their hunger.

Become a Product partner

Every year, companies involved in large scale processed food production remove tons of food from the supply chain. However, the food meets all food quality norms and is suitable for consumption. These companies can feed millions by donating the unsold/ surplus inventory. This will help:

  • Reduce food wastage in an ecosystem where millions starve
  • Release valuable warehouse space
  • Save financial and environmental costs on disposal of usable products
  • Build the image of the company’s products as socially responsible

Employee Volunteer Programme

IFBN encourages volunteers to join us in the fight against hunger and to help increase awareness. We engage employees as volunteers in IFBN as well as at the FoodBanks, for the service of those in need. At IFBN, you can contribute your special skills to perform functions such as Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance, and MIS development. Food banks also offer great opportunities to contribute time and skills, understand how hunger impacts communities, work with local volunteers, and make a difference.

Start a Special Programme

Together with IFBN, corporates can design and implement in their region of operations, a food security and nutrition program to support better health and performance outcomes for children, women and men.