A world without hunger. Can you picture it? Join us on 16th October for #ZeroHunger

In our world of plenty, nobody should go hungry; yet one in nine people suffer from hunger every day. That number is unacceptable, and it’s up to all of us to change it.

A world without hunger. Can you picture it? Come, let’s dream of it together! Join the global conversation on #ZeroHunger on the 16th October 2014 at 6 PM IST with the following global experts:

  • SAM PITRODA, Chairman, India Food Banking Network and Chairman, Global Knowledge Initiative
  • TORBEN DUE, Country Director, India, World Food Programme
  • NINA FEDOROFF, Evan Pugh Professor of Biology, The Pennsylvania State University
  • JAY NAIDOO, Chairperson for Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

The world produces enough today to feed the entire global population of over 7 billion people. Still we have more than 800 million who remain hungry because of several issues including poverty, climate and weather, war and displacement, lack of investment in agriculture, unstable markets, food wastage, and several others. Can you and I (as individuals, institutions, communities, and nations) do something about it?

Join the discussion on 16th October at www.youtube.com/SPConversations and talk to us on Twitter via @sampitroda, @jay_naidoo, @zerohunger to tell us how we can make a difference to achieve #ZeroHunger. You can also join the conversation on Facebook. Several initiatives around the world have come together to organise this global conversation on the World Food Day this year. You can find more about their work on these websites: India Food Banking Network, Global Knowledge Initiative, UN’s Zero Hunger Challenge and Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition.

We request individuals, schools, colleges, governments, corporations, and community organisations around the world to become part of the Zero Hunger Challenge launched by the United Nations, and know Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes. Please share this e-invite with your friends, family and colleagues; organise community screening of this programme and generate more discussion and more action around this theme! Let’s come together and eliminate hunger from the face of this planet!

Event Date: 16th October, World Food Day 2014

Event Time: 1800 – 1900 Hrs IST (For other time zones, click here)

Event Venue: Live conversation at www.youtube.com/SPConversations Twitter: #ZeroHunger Event Moderator: @sampitroda

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/1574893006067515