India FoodBanking Network

Food Security Foundation India under its flagship programme - India FoodBanking Network (IFBN) addresses the issues of hunger through a network of FoodBanks. We have a vision to eliminate hunger in India by 2030 by establishing a strong and efficient network of FoodBanks throughout the country, so that every district has access to at least one FoodBank.

India FoodBanking Network (IFBN) is bringing together the government, private sector, and NGOs to fight hunger and malnutrition in the country. IFBN is establishing a network of transformational FoodBanks to systematically capture food from donors and channelize it to the institutional feeding programs. The network is a multi-stakeholder partnership of corporate sector, government, leading development agencies, and local communities who partner and contribute to sustain the food banking movement in India.

IFBN thus acts as a platform for aggregation and effective deployment of India’s existing resources of food, funds, infrastructure, technology, spirit of volunteerism and culture of feeding to address the problem of hunger. In addition to supporting feeding institutions and strengthening delivery systems, IFBN is also looking at facilitating regulatory changes to create an environment conducive to giving food.

Linking prevention of food waste to providing access to food

Excess packaged food and grains on the shelves and warehouses of food industry is worth millions. But good quality food is wasted and thrown away because of short remaining shelf life.
India Food Banking Network offers a food management solution for excess food inventory and helps food businesses to timely save this surplus food products to feed those in need. IFBN recovers this surplus inventory of good quality packaged food from food industry and delivers it safely to Not for Profit organisations to feed those in need within the best before date of the products.

“IFBN connects surplus inventory of packaged food and grains from food companies to feed those in need, especially children.
This saves food and resources that went into production of food from going waste.
It also frees up valuable warehousing space and saves financial and environmental costs of disposal for the food companies.
Food companies build a brand image as socially responsible and
Schedule VII to the Companies Act 2013 lists eradication of Poverty, Hunger and malnutrition as an eligible CSR activity” Vinita Bali, Chairperson GAIN

Prioritizing Food Security and Nutrition

Adequate food and nutrition is the foundation for a healthy and productive life and the basic pre-requisite for all other interventions in the areas of health, education and skill building. IFBN is therefore also helping corporates to prioritize food security and nutrition and to use the resources earmarked for CSR initiatives to fund nutritious meals to children in schools. The donations are eligible for tax benefits under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act.

Impact: “A daily in-school hot nutritious meal provided to the students throughout the year will provide vital nourishment, help keep children in school and improve growth and learning outcomes.” Siraj Chaudhury, Chairman, Cargill India

Large Scale Impact

India Food Banking Network is committed to creating a strong and efficient network of FoodBanks across the country.

India Food Banking Network with its 10 FoodBanks, over 100 NGO partners and more than 25 corporate partners is serving over million meals every year to alleviate hunger in India. We are leveraging the existing network of local NGOs, corporate CSR resources and our operational expertise to swiftly move funds and food to targeted beneficiaries in a sustained way. This multi-stakeholder partnership ensures large scale impact on hunger and malnutrition. This supports and strengthens the ecosystem for the implementation of other development programs such as livelihoods, women’s empowerment, education and skill development to break the viscous cycle of undernourishment and poverty.

Nutrition Improvement through Food Fortification

Food fortification or enrichment is the process of adding micronutrients (essential trace elements and vitamins) to food. Hidden hunger which involves vitamins and micro nutrient deficiencies is widespread and of great concern in India. Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A and D can be delivered through fortified foods.Going forward, India Food Banking Network is working to put together a Fortification Project to deliver nutrition on scale through its large network of partner organizations.

Food Safety

Food safety and quality is at the core of Foodbanking operations. India Food Banking Network ensures that all the partner organisations in the network adhere to the standard operating procedures to ensure the quality of food being distributed to the beneficiaries. The entire supply chain is sensitive to any leakage, misuse, lax in safety and quality standards. All the stakeholders/partners are committed to maintaining full transparency and integrity while working together for managing food waste and distribution of surplus food to those in need and implementation of food and nutrition programs such as School Meals Programs.

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